Wall Tapestries: Beautiful And Useful

Want to decorate your house or room without damaging the wall or want to hide any marks on the wall easily or you live in a rented room where the owner does not allow you to make changes or do anything new, make any kind of hardware item? Then the wall weed tapestry is for you. Tapestry is full of beautiful  colors and wall-friendly as you can do it easily and it will make your room or house more beautiful and harmless and does not harm your wall .

1. Wall Tapestry

Formerly known as Heavy-AF Textile. Tapestries have historically been a large, woven fabric that reflects intricate design. The word “tapestry” refers to any part of the fabric designed to hang on your wall. They used to keep old renovated castles warm in the winter by serving as a kind of photo enclosure.

And although woven fabrics are still found in our modern world, now,Our anti-bulky tapestries, made of lightweight silky poly which, while not being able to keep your castle warm, are an easy way to heal your space.

The tapestry looks great and has a lot to use. You can use as many things as you can think of like you want a sofa cover tapestry will do, you want a pillow you can make a luxurious pillow using tapestry, you want a curtain. You can use tapestry in many ways . These tapestries look very amazing and there are many options, according to your favorite color or your vibe or personality and can decorate your room accordingly.

From ancient times, tapestries have been used as decorative items in churches, buildings, and houses of various cultures. In modern times, that trend continues. Wall hangings look truly historical as they are designed from a variety of cultural backgrounds. These textile-based techniques are durable and are implemented among others.

Today tapestries are very popular as an integral part of any home decoration. They are used in unique and different ways. If the weaver has the skills to make an amazing tapestry artwork then many beautiful styles can be used. Such styles can vary from contemporary art, medieval to landscapes and floral tapestries. Both art lovers and interior decorators enjoy the benefits of tapestry art forms. These complement the traditional art in a very unique way.

In modern times, the use of chenille is popular. Because this multi-functional object is soft and flexible. If you wish to decorate your home, the use of chenille will make your decoration more beautiful, warm and adaptable. Chenille can be used for many different settings in home decoration such as cast tapestry, wall tapestries and cushions.

2. Best place to hang

Tapestries are a statement-piece. They look great everywhere, you can hang them on the wall or make a canopy or you can hang them on the ceiling wherever you like as your heart says they can make you happy so try hanging them next to you.They are an excellent addition to any space, but are best hung where they can make a big impact.

3. Tips to Hang Tapestry In House

There are many ways to hang wall tapestry some of which are more permanent than others you can use in any of these, here are some ideas you can make to hang tapestry-

  1. You can hang your tapestry using nails and push pins. You can mark the size of the tapestry and hang it as some tapestries come with a hook. Otherwise, you can encrypt the tapestry will be a permanent option.
  1. Use an adhesive hook to hang the tapestry. This method of hanging tapestry is wall-friendly and this does not damage the wall just stick and do the work do not damage the wall & tapestry.
  1. Use a stick to hang the tapestry as you hang the curtain. Most of the tapes come with a rod area where the stick can fit in and unfortunately if you don’t have one you can make your own by making a loop behind the tapestry and sewing it. Make sure you use a strong cloth, put the stick, and you are good to go hang the tapestry, use a hook or any other way to put the stick in your room.
  1. Using a cord to hang tapestry on the wall in this way is good for the wall and also in tapestry this way does not damage any wall or tapestry. You can make a knot using a corner of tapestry and string / rope and tie the rope to the rope. Any things that can slow down this and support you in the long run.

4. Unique Uses of Tapestry

  1.  Ceiling-  A Tapestry hanging from your ceiling can add a wonderful scenic feature to your room.
  2. An Original Bedspread- That’s an incredible way to bring a unique touch to your bedroom, just lay the Tapestry on the cover.
  3. Tapestry as Headboard- Like a headboard a tapestry has the same advantage as for the bedspread originality, easy use, change, bringing uniqueness to your room!
  4. Tapestry as your outside companion- Easy to corry, soft and machine washable, you can carry it with you for picnics.
  5. Wall Tapestry as a gift wrap- Have you ever received a gift in your life that came wrapped in a beautiful and original material that you could also use? 
  6. Tapestry works as a tablecloth- Giving your meal space as a perfect style , tapetsaries can personalize and visually project a unique atmosphere in your kitchen.

5. Tips to care Tapestry

  1. You must hang your tapestry correctly. Proper hanging techniques for tapestries distribute the fabric weight even over the tapestry.
  2. You must clean your tapestries regularly and properly. Remove dust by vacuuming them at least twice a year.
  3. Deeper cleaning of tapestry can be much more tedious. If your tapestry is new, consult the manufacturer. Otherwise no deeper cleaning is suggested without consulting a professional.

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