5 vital skills for today’s digital marketers

What are really the most important things to know for today’s digital marketers or bloggers?

This is obviously a question for which there is no given answer – you would probably get a unique answer for each person you asked. But here is at least my list of five vital skills for the online marketer in 2022.

Not everyone may be born with these skills and have them naturally because as far as I know there is no entrepreneurial or marketer DNA that you can be born with.

But you can undoubtedly learn them and with regular training develop them more and more. It only takes a dose of blood, sweat and tears.

1. Empathy and understanding

Empathy and understanding
Empathy and understanding

If you can not understand the people to whom you target your products or services, you will not be able to deliver what they really want and need the way they want it. You need to be able to solve real problems, find the root causes and communicate in a way that your target audience understands.

2. Communication

This point is probably no surprise, and as I point out above, you need to be able to communicate if you are going to be successful in your digital marketing. This applies above all in writing, but with the introduction of videos and podcasts also orally.

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Whether you are a solo entrepreneur, CEO of a large company, or employee, clear, efficient and captivating communication is very important – you just can not getaway. E-mail is more or less mandatory, and today we also have all different social media, blogs, etc.

3. Networking, relationship building and the ability to take people

Today’s technology offers opportunities like never before when it comes to networking. But then we are not talking about spamming your accounts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn with links without really getting in touch and building relationships with people.

We talk about getting to know people and getting them to know you. To get somewhere today, it is much easier if you have help and support from the people around you. Therefore, those who can build relationships with others will have a big advantage over those who burn their bridges on the assembly line.

4. Failures

This “skill” may feel a little out of place on the list, but life as an entrepreneur has taught me that repeated failures and the ability to take them, brush them off and get up again is one of the most important things you can learn. See your projects as learning experiments, not as either successes or failures, and you will have a much better life.

And keep in mind that for each less successful experiment, you get closer and closer to your hit. For Thomas Edison, for example, it took about 2,000 attempts before he managed to create a working light bulb.

5. Endurance

Speaking of Thomas Edison, what if he had given up his attempts – then maybe we would have been sitting here in the dark even today. Fortunately for us, he was a tough guy, but unfortunately there are too many people who give up too soon. 

Often just before they could have their big breakthrough, as it is often the heaviest and hardest. So even if you get on your knees, do everything in your power to get a little more energy.

That’s not to say you should fight at all costs – sometimes it’s actually time to give up a desolate project before it goes too far. It is important to learn to see the difference between ideas that have potential and those that are just hopeless.

So there, there we have my list of vital skills for today’s digital marketers.

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