Use storytelling to tell the story of your brand

For a long time, TV commercials have been the best way for larger companies and organizations to tell strong stories, so-called storytelling, to a larger group of people.

But with the advent of the Internet, this reality has changed.

Today, social media and online videos have made it possible even for companies that do not have coffers large enough to be able to finance a TV commercial to communicate with their target group through definition storyteller.

And if you want to see an example of an extremely strong story, communicated via online video by a company, click play below. But I want to warn you that there is an imminent risk that you will get a little shiny in the eyes.

As you can see, the story brand is about a Chinese family who manages to overcome great difficulties when their son is injured in an accident and loses the ability to walk. But through fighting spirit and determination, the father manages to help him walk again. Something you also notice is that family dinners recur throughout the film.

the story of your brand
the story of your brand

The video has a strong message, is gripping and almost impossible not to be touched by. But it is also a commercial for BERNAS, a Malaysian rice company, which is over three minutes long (and really worth investing three minutes of your time in, so if you have not already watched, do so).

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In three minutes, the video makers manage to create a story that contains tragedy, forgiveness, strength, family life and love. And as I said, it is deeply touching. Also note that the video, which after all is a commercial, does not contain any cheeky jingle or fast voice that tells you to buy. Instead, the company has used storytelling, humanity’s “social currency”, which is so much stronger than any of the traditional ingredients of commercials.

That the video is three minutes made it too long to be shown on TV. But the rice company apparently did not need television to generate over 750,000 views online.

They just needed a strong story.

Social media makes it possible for companies and organizations of all sizes to tell their story on a daily basis without spending a lot of money on traditional storytelling in branding tools, ie television, and radio.

Facebook, for example, has encouraged companies to use stories by introducing “Sponsored Stories” – a form of advertising where you market your brand marketing status update to your fans and their friends. Even when it comes to timeline, Facebook’s idea is that you should tell your company’s story through photos and video.

Social media where the visual is at the center is growing avalanche with services such as Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and Tumblr. As an entrepreneur, you can tell your story through a picture or a short self-produced video. And if the stories are strong and appealing, they will spread to more and more and more people.

An extra plus with this strategy is also that if you should fail to get a strong story, it does not matter much because you still have not spent a million kroner on a TV commercial. You can just try again tomorrow and hope for better luck.

If you have not already started storytelling, start now. Storytelling has been around since time immemorial and will never go out of style. The branding industry’s constant little black.

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