Most Common Trucking Company Negligence That You Should Avoid

Trucking Company Negligence

According to the statistics provided by truck almost 1.2 million companies operate in the U.S.A till the year 2022. Although this business is quite flourishing in the country, its employers are still worried because of the frequent legal verdicts and fines issued to their company.

An analysis done showed that the most common reason behind this negligence is a lack of strategic planning and too much reliance on one source. Lack of planning includes factors like negligence in driver recruitment, lack of training programs, excess loading, and hour of service violations. While in the latter case lack of work distribution and burdened employees cause too much damage to the company. For instance, companies who utilize BOC 3 (i.e. Blanket of coverage) services and assign their job of maintaining operating authority to their BOC agent are enjoying carefree tours of their truckers.

Common trucking company negligence occurs mainly because of the above-mentioned two reasons explained below.

Lack of strategic planning

Strategic planning is the first and most important step in businesses, especially, when you are new in the field. One cannot initiate a startup without making its roadmaps. Successful businessmen are those who rely on their strategic planning keeping in view the needs and demands of their company.

Negligence in the Driver screening process

Trucking companies are all about truckers and their tours on the road. According to this, paying heed to the skills of a trucker is the foremost responsibility of an employer. A proper screening process consisting of interviews and driver record probing should be organized. Drivers who have a license and a driving record free of any road accident should be hired on priority. While those who met a truck accident in the past due to inebriation or distraction should either be trained or recruited in any other department. A careful examination of the attitude of a driver and his skills to navigate and manage loads while driving is necessary. Negligence in this screening process can cost you both the lives of your people on the roads and irreparable damage to your company’s reputation.

Negligence toward employee training

Your team of employees along with the truck drivers must be trained according to their allotted duties and trucks. Your team of dispatchers and management staff should be aware of the legal rules and regulations. They must be trained enough to provide excellent client management services along with their ability to abide by the law. While talking about the truckers, a driver who is trained to handle a small truck cannot handle a big one without much training. For instance, the skills required to drive flatbeds vary from that required to drive big trucks. Furthermore, learning how to hook up a vehicle to a tow truck is important before you allow your driver to go on roads. Indeed, employee training is essential for the proper functioning of a trucking company, any negligence which harms the growth graph of a company.

Lack of work distribution

The second major factor that causes trucking companies to face legal verdicts is their inability to distribute their work equally among the employees. Relying too much on little staff force for a variety of duties is something too risky for the proper functioning of the trucking industry.

Negligence towards available trucking services

Several trucking services are available today for the trucking companies to let them ensure professional functioning. One of such services is BOC-3 filing, where trucking companies are provided with BOC agents who take care of the maintenance of their truck’s operating authority. Blanket of coverage filing process is quite different from MC number filing  that a company can take on its own.BOC can only be filed by a processingagent with a constant follow ups and regulations that is tough for companies to manage on its own. The reason why many successful trucking companies hire BOC agents for theri legal work.

Negligence towards load practices

In the trucking world management of loading is pivotal. Companies negligible towards its importance assign this task to their driver who may carelessly either overload their truck or may not place them correctly. This mismanagement of loads can cause a jackknife effect in the truck or can cause slipping of the language out of the truck. This not only can cause financial loss but can also cause road accidents. Thus, creating a risk for all the other vehicles that are on the road. 

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