Tips and Tricks for Understanding Text Easily

Tips and Tricks for Understanding Text Easily

Reading and understanding information in text can sometimes be difficult for some people. This of course relates to information understanding, focus and reading weight. If you still often have difficulty understanding a text, don’t be sad because there is an easy way to understand the text . Of course, this method must continue to be honed until you get used to it and focus more on digesting sentences. 

Tips for Understanding Text Easily

There are some tips and tricks that you can try as a way to understand the reading :

1. Reading with text at a glance

You can spend about 1 to 2 minutes reading the text at a glance. You can observe it and find important information in it. What needs to be observed is the sequence of events, the concepts that need to be understood, and also the facts in it. 

2. Focus

Focus on the questions given so that in your mind you are already set about what information to look for and appropriate answers. This method is highly recommended for those of you who are still in school or college when facing exams or questions. Remember the appropriate details of the information as the answer so that you can answer easily. 

3. Knowing the topics discussed

If you only need information about a topic, then you can simply read that section without needing to study anything else. This will save you time in understanding because it focuses on a specific topic. 

4. Bookmark important information

You can mark important information in the text by using a highlighter or underlining it with a pen. This tag will make it easier for you to find important information that has been studied or read. Of course, this information is an important point that can later be summarized more easily. 

In order to dig deeper, you can use two types of markers. For example, using a green highlighter for important information and a pink highlighter to highlight things that are not yet understood. So you don’t have to take the time to read the entire text again. 

5. Reflect on the material

After you do a reading activity, you should not immediately do other activities because the information is only stored in short-term memory. First, reflect on the material you have read to better understand and memorize the information in it. 

In addition, you can read the text again within 24 hours to understand it better. This step is believed to be the most appropriate way to store information. Later short-term memory will be stored in long-term memory. 

6. Immediately do the task

When you get an assignment, do it as soon as possible after reading the text. If you postpone it and intersperse it with other activities, the stored memory will be erased. Inevitably you have to repeat reading again and it is very ineffective. 

Try to understand the text easily according to your needs so that the goal is achieved perfectly. This needs to be practiced so that later you can hone your focus while reading. 

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