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Sahara India Refund:  Big Announcement Of The Court In The Afternoon. Sahara India Customer.

Sahara India Afternoon News

Whoever has not received the money of the people trapped in Sahara India or they are upset, then all the state governments have issued a complaint number through the helpline number. By which you register your complaint, only then you will have the hope of getting money, the owner of Sahara India is constantly being asked to appear in court, but due to not being present, everyone is upset, which is why to call on the helpline number of your city. Do file a complaint if your own money is stuck in Sahara India!

Sahara India Latest News

Early on Friday, the bench said the time has been sought for filing counter-affidavits in the matter. A lawyer appearing for one of the interventionists said there are over 2,000 intervention applications pending in the high court and the top court should do something to “protect the interests of investors”. you could be right. Your expectations may be genuine expectations, but the point is in which proceedings should we act as High Court or Supreme Court.

Sahara India Helpline Number

If there has been any fraud with you too or Sahara India is not returning your money, then you can register your complaint on the police helpline number. Such people who are troubled by chit-fund companies and are unable to get money for a long time, then they can call the police helpline number 112. As soon as the complaint is registered on this number, the Jharkhand government will get all such people investigated and the money of the investors will be found very soon.

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Sahara India Latest News Today

Let us tell you that Subhash Rai, owner of Sahara India, was asked to appear in Patna High Court on May 11 but due to not being present, the court has not passed any order. Due to this all the stranded customers in Sahara India are expected. Whether they will get money or not, whether their money will be drowned, there is concern about it. Sahara India owner Subhash Rai was again given an opportunity to appear in court on May 14. But again the owner of Sahara India did not appear in the Patna High Court due to which all the customers got upset.

When will you get Sahara India’s money?

Whatever customer’s money is stuck in Sahara India, all customers are expected to get the money soon, although officially no post has been made yet because Sahara India is the owner, despite repeated calls to the court. Is able to reach earlier or the date was given on May 16, after that the date was extended to May 20, even after that, due to not being present, the hope of the customers is being broken continuously but hopefully, everyone will get the money.

Many questions in people’s minds about Sahara India

Now the question arises what was such a problem about which Subrata Roy is not reaching the Patna High Court? People are very scared about this thing how long will they get the money of the people trapped in Sahara India? Many strange questions are coming into his mind. People who deposit in the Sahara are also thinking that their money should not be drowned anywhere.

When will the next hearing of Sahara India be held?

The Patna High Court had directed Subrata Roy to appear in the High Court on May 16 at 10:30. But the court had asked the Police Commissioner of Delhi and the DGP of Uttar Pradesh to give all possible help to the Bihar Police in this work, but the Supreme Court has stayed the order of the Patna High Court for the time being. Now the hearing against Sahara India will be held in Patna High Court on June 22.

Sahara India customers will have to wait till the next hearing.

Any customers who have money stuck in Sahara India will have to wait for a few more days, it is expected that everyone will get the money back, so the customer should not be upset, wait till that time the owner of Sahara India Subrata Rai is constantly in court. Due to non-attendance, the problems are increasing day by day, the next hearing is expected to be held by the last week of May.

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