5 Online Mistakes People Make And How To Avoid Them

Online Mistakes People Make And How To Avoid Them – The Internet has brought a lot of positives to the world but at the same time, it has some negative consequences.

Today’s Tech Tips shares 5 Online mistakes you should not make with the Internet.

Using Weak Passwords

Quite a number of people assume that no one knows them and therefore their accounts will never be a target.

That assumption may not always be true.

The reality is that anyone can be a target and one of the cool ways of staying safe is to use secure passwords.

Taking this a setup further by adding Two-factor Authentication to your passwords will make your accounts more secure.

Not Scrutinising Messages and Information

Are you quick to act once any message or information gets past you?

Do you stop to ask a question and at least get an answer before acting.

If the answer is no, then you are making a mistake.

It is important to understand that almost everything you receive online today whether via SMS, Instant messaging, email or even phone calls can actually be a hoax.

In some cases, it will be so real that it will take only scrutiny to do otherwise.

Thinking Public WiFi is always Safe

It is understandable that there are certain times we will need to fall back on public wifi especially when we are traveling or in a place where our ISP may not have coverage.

This sort of scenario is certainly bound to play out.

However, it is important to understand that irrespective of the situation, public WiFi is not always safe and if you must use then do so carefully.

A number of times hackers have simply shared free wifi only to gain unfettered access to the files and devices of those who decide to use their service.

Making Healthcare Decisions based on the Internet

There are lots of websites that pass on medical information, we advise that you should not make healthcare decisions based on what you read except of course you are a medical professional.

Nothing bad if you readjust to broaden your knowledge but do not be tempted to kick off self-medication without consulting a health care professional.

Fighting on Social Media

It’s becoming more apparent that people who take breaks from Facebook experience more happiness.

Facebook and other social media platforms can bring out the worst in us.

People argue and say things that they would never say in person.

If you’re upset, walk away. Take a break. Don’t post while drinking, either. Alcohol and social media don’t play nice together.

Avoid these online mistakes as much as possible. Watch this Tech Trend Video as an Expert on CyberSecurity cautions on Internet usage.

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