How To Upload Photos On Instagram Without Hassle

How To Upload Photos On Instagram Without Hassle: It’s not complete if you have Instagram but haven’t uploaded any personal photos or other photos to the app. Because this application is indeed used to publish photos or videos of your collection. For those of you who have just used the Instagram application, you should first understand how to upload photos on Instagram well.

How to Upload Your Photo Collection on Instagram 

1. Open the Instagram app

The first step you have to do to upload photos to Instagram via an Android phone or iPhone is to open the Instagram application first. If you have directly clicked the “+” icon at the bottom of the middle.

2. Click the zoom-in on the image icon on the left side of the screen so that your photo is not cropped if the photo is a portrait or landscape photo. However, if the photo or image you upload has a length x width of 1: 1, then you don’t need to press the button because it is in accordance with the standard Instagram size.

3. Click the overlapped square icon, if you want to upload multiple photos.

4. Select the image you want to upload, maximum upload of 10 photos and videos. You can also choose which photos will appear first on the first slide. Sort the photos you want to upload according to your own wishes.

5. In addition to entering photos from the HP gallery feature, you can also upload photos by taking pictures directly or taking pictures using the camera features in this application. Click on PHOTO posts to take pictures directly.

6. After you click the photo option, the camera will automatically turn on. Click the portrait button to take a photo. Or record your video by clicking the button and holding the button to record the video. 

7. If you have selected the photo through the gallery or you got it directly from the portrait via Instagram, please click “Next” to continue uploading photos to Instagram.

8. Edit your collection photos. There are various types of editors that you can use to further enhance the quality of the photos you want to publish. You can use different types of filters, adjust the light, adjust the contrast, and much more.

9. If you have finished editing you can immediately click “DONE”.

10. Click the blue arrow, in the top right corner.

11. Next, provide an interesting caption according to your wishes. Mark the person you include in the photo you upload, and also include the location if you want to include details of the location of the photo. 

12. Then click the tick or tick icon at the top right corner. 

13. Your photo has been uploaded. Everyone can see your photos on Instagram unless you have turned on Instagram privacy. Privacy settings, of course, will make all photos including your account invisible to others that you don’t allow to follow your account.

That’s how to upload photos on Instagram via PC you can follow the steps to publish your own photo collection.

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