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How to Uninstall Applications on Laptops Easily

How to Uninstall Applications on Laptops Easily: Laptop applications usually take up internal storage space which can interfere with the performance of your laptop. Especially if the application takes up a large amount of memory. Most likely some apps have become slower. Understand how to uninstall applications on a laptop to help you get rid of files and applications that are blocking all laptop programs. 

When the laptop’s hard disk is full, some problems will appear and some software or applications will be much slower or sometimes even crash. Here are some ways you can do to install applications on your laptop.

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Using Built-in Features

Windows 10

There are 3 methods you can use. 

  • Start
  • Select the Start menu at the bottom left
  • Locate the Windows Store app you want to uninstall
  • Mouse over the application icon, right mouse click, and select uninstall
  • Wait until the system application is deleted.
  • Settings
  • Select the Start menu, click the mouse on the right
  • Select Apps & Features
  • See the list of installed apps in the newly popped new tab
  • Right-click on the app and uninstall it.
  • Control Panel
  • Type Programs and Features in the search field at the bottom left of the display. 
  • A new tab will open 
  • Select the program you want to remove, right-click, and select uninstall.
  1. Windows 8 & 8.1
  2. Start
  3. Press Windows Key, select Start 
  4. If you have entered the Start menu, find the application tile and tile Select uninstall
  5. If the app is not in the Start menu, click the drop-down menu to go to the full list of apps
  6. Swipe the mouse left and right to get to the app you need to remove
  7. If you have found it, hover over the application icon, and select uninstall.
  • PC Settings
  • Click Start, select the PC Settings option 
  • After the laptop screen opens, click Search and apps, and App sizes
  • When the system has finished loading, the Windows Store app view will appear on your screen. 
  • Select the application, and click Uninstall.
  • Control Panel
  • Select Start
  • Press the Program and Features option at the top
  • Find the application or program, and uninstall it by right-clicking the mouse.
  • Windows 7
  • Select the Start button
  • Click Control Panel
  • Select Program
  • Find the program to uninstall
  • Click Uninstall
  • Use of other apps

Deletion of laptop applications can also use other applications such as CCleaner. This application offers menus such as Cleaner, Registry, Options, and Tools. One of the options in the Tools menu is Uninstall. Here are the steps you can follow:

  • Download the CCleaner app
  • Select the Tools menu, and click uninstall
  • Determine the programs that need to be removed
  • Right-click, and select the uninstall button.

In addition to the applications above, there are many other applications that can help you to get rid of unwanted applications. Several ways to uninstall applications on laptops that have been submitted must be adapted to the Windows you are using. 

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