How to Stand Out When You’re One in a Million

In This Article You Read about How to Stand Out When You’re One in a Million If you Google the phrase “real estate website template,” you get 1,690,000 results.

Considering the National Association of Realtors boasts 1.1 million members itself, that’s almost one website full of real estate site templates per member.

So when Bryan Frieders of the Firehouse Team and I were discussing his website redesign, that’s exactly why I told him we wouldn’t be using a templated site.

Value of Differentiation

In a community of 1.69 million Realtors®, it’s a bit of a challenge to stand out from the competition.

Silk shirts galore, bad photos of a guy with greasy hair pointing stupidly at the camera – after a while, the Realtor profession is almost insulting.

Inherently – maybe stereotypically – Realtors have a bad reputation. They swindle, they’re unreliable, rude, etc. Plus, in today’s economic environment, homeowners are very sensitive to the idea of their home in foreclosure or seeing their home value hundreds of thousands of dollars lower than the original purchase price.

It’s a very emotional experience full of confusion and a lack of patience.

That’s why when Bryan and I sat down to lay out his new site design, we wanted it to be clean, contemporary, and easy to navigate.

And most importantly, we wanted the site to be unique – completely its own, where you wouldn’t find a similarity between Firehouse Team and some random agent in town.

Firehouse Team is a unique service, so why would the website be any different?

Site Design

From the very beginning of the site visit, the user is greeted with two navigation options – residential real estate or commercial real estate.

Bryan’s Firehouse Team offers services for both industries, and rather than let the user get too far down into the site, we presented two easy, blatantly-obvious navigation options.

We also wanted to leverage new content opportunities – so the blog roll feed and featured property listings were other important components of the homepage.

Enhanced Brand Perception

Visit a few Realtor’s sites and you’ll notice one thing in common. They all have way too much going on. They all feature several unrelated typefaces. Nothing’s clear. They’re all visually insulting. How to Stand Out When You’re One in a Million

But when you visit the new, it’s a different experience.

Immediately, the site design silently tells visitors that Bryan’s invested time and money into this venture,

e’s serious about it, and you’ll get that same dedication as one of his clients.

Further, the detailed “About” section covers each of the team members (with inviting personal photos and information), and the blog reinforces Firehouse Team’s authority in the community.

And that’s very important, because when it comes to making a financial decision on the magnitude of a purchase, sale, or lease you want a real estate team that not only knows what they’re doing, but they’re the authority on it.

Choosing The Right Partners

I’ve mentioned it earlier this year – I can design, but I’m not a designer. My core talents are in strategic planning and advising.

So when it came time to partner with a web designer, I was admittedly a bit picky. I wanted a designer who was responsible, timely, intelligent, and creatively current.

We got just that in Artifice Studios. Local to Santa Clarita, Artifice is a boutique web design studio that took the existing and gave it a new, more confident, more refined life.


If you’re looking for a designer for your next web project, Antonio at Artifice is an awesome resource. I consider him part of my extended team and recommend him without condition. Get in touch with him, discuss your wants and needs, and let him provide you with a site you want to brag about.

And I’m equally proud to have found a loyal partner in Firehouse Team. Bryan helped my wife and me through our lengthy home purchase. Nine months in, we actually closed escrow on our home while we were in Skagway, Alaska. And when we returned, our home had new floors, new paint, and new appliances. Bryan’s a great client, but a better friend.

In This Article, We Read About  How to Stand Out When You’re One in a Million

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