How to Play PSP Games on Android Phones

Are you really bored and need quick entertainment? Now, no more you have to think about entertainment. The latest technology has all the solutions for your worries that can help you in overcoming your boredom.

The gaming field with the rise of PSPs has undergone remarkable progress in today’s world that also includes the Android world as well as you can now play PSP games on Android.

Playing PSP games on Android is quite simple as it would only require a respective emulator, here is all how to play PSP games on Android:

What Is A PSP Game?

As the name suggests, the PlayStation Portable or PSP is a lighter and much smaller version of PlayStation by Sony. The PSP is much more than just a gaming device. It also plays games in the UMD format and this format can not only be used for playing games but also it can help you in watching movies.

But this is not just the end as PSP can also play audio and videos. So it would really be cool if you know how to play PSP games on Android.

Now these PSP games also have the most amazing feature that is, it can be played in your Android device. On Android devices, it can be played in high-definition and yes it has also been stuffed with extra features as well.

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PPSSPP is the best, the original and also the only PSP emulator for Android devices. It can be beneficial in playing PSP games on Android which definitely depends upon the power of the device you are using.

Some of the games that can run excellently on your Android device are :

  • Persona 2,
  • Persona 3
  • Little big planet
  • Find fantasy: Crisis core
  • Dragon ball 2
  • Burnout legends,
  • Burnout dominator
  • Soul caliber
  • Lumines
  • Tekken: Dark Resurrection and Tekken 6
  • Worms

The list goes on and is an unending one. You can find more such games here; list of best PPSSPP Games.

How To Play PSP Games On Android Device?

Playing PSP games on Android has turned a lot easier, simpler and quicker and all thanks go to the PPSSPP.

Here are a few simple steps that you need to do to play PSP games on an Android device.

Install PPSSPP :

PPSSPP is a free application that can be installed from the Google Play Store on your Android device. You MUST have this application to play PSP games on an Android device.

A compatible game needs to be found :

You need to find a compatible game for your Android device. For that, all you need to do is to search on Google for Free ISO.

Once you have found the .iso or .cso version of the kind of game that you prefer, copy it to your SD card containing the cube. elf file in it.

Starting The Application On Your Android device :

You need to tap on the load, and then browse for the location where your cube.elf has been placed.

Selecting the file :

When you see the spinning cube, it gives you confirmation that your device is compatible with it.

Load and select your games on the main screen :

If your device is compatible, then you can start playing your game. You can now play a PSP game on an Android device with ease. If unfortunately, it does not work, you need to update it. So now hurry up! Find your entertainment in your pocket and play PSP games on Android.

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