How to check the status of the residence permit application

How to check the status of the residence permit application

The foreign citizen who made a request to obtain or issue, or renew or duplicate the residence permit, also for long-term EU residence permits (former residence card), can verify in a practical and fast way the status of your request. All you need to do is log in from your computer and check where the application is and if the document is ready and can be picked up. If he is unable to do this alone, the foreigner can also apply to an immigration lawyer Italy. First of all, after filing the application for the issue or renewal of the residence permit, you can always go online to browse the data entered to understand if the documentation presented is complete or if it is necessary to make some additions. All this takes place through the official website of the Immigration Portal, where in the lower right you will find a “Reserved foreigners area”. 

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To authenticate you will need to enter the user id (12 characters) and the password present on the postal insured issued by the operator of Sportello Amico at the time of sending the Kit. To find out if the residence permit is ready, instead, you need to consult the institutional website of the State Police and enter the 12-character code present on the insured person, if the permit request was submitted to the Post Office or the number of practice (10 characters) if the permit request was submitted directly to the Police Headquarters. 

When the residence permit is ready, what happens? Simply in your profile, a message appears saying that the residence permit is ready for delivery and the address of the office where you need to go to collect it. It even seems that there are some police headquarters that are concerned to send the person concerned an SMS message on the mobile phone to invite him to collect the documentation. Therefore, those who know they have the current practice must carefully check their cell phone, in order to avoid missing an important communication. There are also police headquarters that call the applicant or send a letter. 

Therefore, if you need to withdraw the residence permit from the police station, know that you must go with identification documents (those used to start the document request procedure are fine). The applicant must go there in person because other fingerprints will be taken. When the residence permit is not ready: in this case, the text appears in the box: residence document under discussion

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