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How to Change Gmail Password, Easy and Simple for You to Apply

How to Change Gmail Password: Is it important to change email account passwords regularly? Important, because generally when registering a new account, you choose a simple passphrase, which can even be guessed easily by others. It’s okay, but more vigilance is needed in the future. Many irresponsible hands can break into your account. 

For that, change your email pass often, yes. It’s simple, easy, and doesn’t take long. Here we provide several ways to change your Gmail passwords through many media. 

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Easy Ways to Change Google Email Password

Before accessing it, the first step the user must do is to log in to the email address. Open the browser, go to the email address, and type in the username and password. 

Resetting the Gmail account password can be done with 3 media, namely using a computer, an Android cellphone, and an iPad as well as an iPhone. Here’s the explanation. 

§   Change Google Mail Password Using Computer

How to use a computer is quite easy. Simply enter the browser page, enter the Gmail address, and type in the username and password. Then, select “Security” and change the new password. 

§   Change Google Mail Password Using Android Phone

Do this by opening the Gmail application on your cellphone. Select “Security”, and sign in to your Google account. Once on the Google page, enter the new password and “change password”. 

§   Change Google Mail Password Using iPad and iPhone

Almost the same as changing the password using an Android phone. The user must be signed in to the Google Mail app. Then, select “Settings”, and go to “Manage your Google Account”. Finally, select “Personal Info” at the top, click “Profile” as well as “Password”. Change the passphrase.

After all the processes are successful, the user can see the password that has been changed, visit the https://passwords.google.com page. Click “preview” or “ check password”. Or you can check it directly by logging in using the new pass. 

Benefits of Changing Passphrase

According to Thytoctis, about 80% of cybersecurity attacks are due to weak passphrases, which makes it easier for hacking attempts by hackers. So it is highly recommended to change the passphrase periodically. Especially, passphrases on social media that you manage. Because generally, users use the same password on more than one social media. Right? 

Here are the benefits of changing your password regularly. Try to apply. 

First, as the opening explanation, user accounts will be safe from hackers trying to steal information from users. Second, if users distinguish passphrases to access social media, email, or others, it will minimize the occurrence of hacking into all managed accounts simultaneously. 

Third, being able to prevent the use of stored passphrases, especially when changing HP or PC devices. Fourth, limit access to keystroke loggers. Keystroke logger is a surveillance technology to record using keys, and it can steal your passphrase

That’s the discussion of how to change your Gmail password, easy and simple for you to apply. Protect personal information properly. Because cybercrime is rampant. It’s not only you who will be affected if a hack occurs on a user’s account, but also colleagues, business, important data, or other important things that users have managed. 

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