How do you create better content in less time?

Maybe you work a lot with email marketing in your company, but feel that it takes forever to write your newsletters?

Or you tear your hair out every time you write a new blog post or a powerful update on Facebook.

No matter what your content marketing looks like, you are probably painfully aware of how important it is today and that you should invest in producing and sharing good content to create relationships with your contacts and potential customers.

But you who run a business know how much needs to be done all the time – some things always suffer.

So is there any good put-together content faster?

Or is it just biting into the sour apple, rolling up your sleeves, and putting in the time it takes?

Yes, it is not an easy nut to crack and this is something that everyone struggles with. I myself am constantly thinking about how I can get all the content needed in my business’s marketing and I am constantly looking for new ways to create good content faster.

The truth is that quality content takes time, but the good news is that I have 7 strategies that can help you create good content faster.

1. Review your inner manuscript

Start by looking inward – what do you say to yourself about what you want to change. If you say “It will take me forever to write my newsletters” , then it will also take forever to write the newsletters. The subconscious is an insidious file that you want to keep up with. So before you do anything else – review your inner manuscript.

2. Start with the end

Start by thinking about the purpose of what you are writing – what do you want the reader to get? What do you want them to do or think? With this in the binocular sight, you then turn what you write in that direction. 

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I did so, for example, when I wrote this article. What did I want you to take with you after reading it? Well, clear advice on how to create content faster that allows you to take immediate action.

3. Have a list of topics

Have a list of topics
Have a list of topics

How much time do you spend wasting your time thinking about what to write about? And then you have not even written a word yet. Therefore, always have a list of topics and ideas to write about that you constantly fill up. The inspiration can come from newspaper articles, other blog posts, TV and radio programs or questions that you usually get from your customers.

4. Stay short and concise

Good content does not have to mean long content. Sometimes it is the short and concise that is the best help for your readers. People will hardly ignore reading because your content is too short, so you really only need to share an idea or a tip.

5. Plan, plan, plan

Have a planning calendar for your content so you always know when to write and what to write about. It is often enough to spend a couple of hours planning the content for several months ahead.

Then you just need to check your planning and follow it and you will have yours on dry land.

6. Do not write and edit at the same time

This is very important. Do not edit while writing, as this is guaranteed to make you lose speed. Try to get the whole text out of you first and then go back and improve it. So if you write a sentence and suddenly come to a better way of writing it, write the new version but leave the old one and then continue. This means that you do not have to be hindered by the perfectionist in you during the first round, and going back and editing is usually a much faster process.

7. Give yourself a deadline

The time you give yourself to perform a task is usually the time it takes to perform it. If you give yourself a week to do something, it usually takes a week. And if you have an hour, it takes an hour. It’s one of life’s mysteries, but it is. Enough said.

There were seven strategies for creating better content in less time. Hope they will help you.

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