Five Reasons Do Nag Tibba Trek

Nag Tibba Trek is a great destination for adventure lovers from all over the world. From here one can get a 100 degree view of the snow-capped Himalayan ranges like Swargarohini, Bandarpoonch, Kala Nag, Shrikhand Mahadev and Gangotri. Kedarnath peak, Doon valley and snowy peaks of Changbang are also visible in the north.

To see such views, one has to climb the Nag Tibba Trek. Beautiful flora and fauna, lush green mountains and dense forests can be seen during Nag Tibba trekking which makes one fall in love with its beauty. As one goes up one side of the mountain and comes down from the other side, the variety of landscapes also makes for an immersive experience.

This trek is also very great for those people who are short of time, this trek can be completed very easily in 2 days time and enjoy trekking and camping amidst the beautiful valleys of Himalayas can.

Nag Tibba in Mussoorie is situated at an altitude of 3022 ft above sea level. Paintiwari village can be reached by traveling about 6 hours from Dehradun, from where this trek starts.

If you want to experience trekking in the surrounding places, then this place is absolutely the best. The snow-capped hills of Kedarnath can be easily seen by reaching the height. Welcoming you on the way, it will be special to experience the wildlife in a forest full of pine and deodar. It can be said that the journey of Nag Tibba proves to be memorable for everyone from trekkers to adventure and nature lovers.



 One of the best reasons to do this trek is that it can be completed within a period of 2 to 3 days. Unless you’re able to put in additional effort. If this happens to be the first trekking experience, then 2-3 days is definitely worth it to test the tenacity.

It is not very difficult to trek to this place, so it becomes a very pleasant experience, and one can climb up the hill considering the natural beauty of this place. Nag Tibba is a great trek for beginners and this is the reason why almost everyone can complete it without any problem.


 Nag Tibba is one such trek where one gets a taste of everything that one gets to experience on a long trek, be it a jungle trail, snow or a gorgeous view of the  peaks of the Indian Himalayas. Starting from Pantwari, the first day’s trek is mostly through rhododendron forest.

This trek area is one of the most beautiful places which is surrounded by rhododendron forest and deodar forest on both sides. Not only the forest area, but the sunset is also momentary here. The trek is through ankle-deep snow after the Nag Mandir or sometime before the Nag Mandir, going up to the knee at some points.

When reaching the summit one can enjoy the view of Nanda Devi, India’s highest peak with Bandar Poonch and much more. Above all it is a circular trek if planned properly. Doing a circuit is always a better experience than taking a single trace back because when coming back the scenario is different.


At the beginning of the trekking experience, surely one would not want to go through bumpy roads and rough terrains. The trail is easy when trekking at Nag Tibba and does not require any associated laborious effort to reach the top.

As one reaches Pantwari village at the foothills of Garhwal, which is the starting point of this trek, there is no steep slope to climb to the summit. The trekking route is smooth which makes it a perfect trekking experience for beginners.


 Nag Tibba Trek is considered to be one of the best treks as it can be done in all seasons. Hence, this trek can be planned on any weekend, whenever there is a distraction from your routine. During winters, the route of this trek is marked by heavy snowfall and snowfall.

The view, situated on the snow under the feet and the beautiful forest trees, looks absolutely amazing. The same scene is covered in summer, with brightly colored flowers and rhododendrons. Hence it can be said that this is one of those treks that must be visited in all seasons to experience the varied mood of the place.


·   Nag Tibba Trek is legendary for the  peak within the lower Himalayan region.

·   Nag Tibba Trek is good for camping.

·   Nag Tibba is famous for its spectacular view of the Himalayas.

·   Nag Tibba is  famous for the gorgeous sunset.

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