17 types of content you can create without writing a word text

A big obstacle for many to create that blog that could take your company to the next level is that you do not have writing as one of the biggest strengths on your list.

And as an involuntary writer, you thus believe that it is run when it comes to today’s “must” content marketing.


That “content is king” we are many who sign. Content is far from synonymous with text.

Today, you do not have to be a God-fearing writer to be able to fill your blog with content that is valuable to your visitors. There are a number of other possibilities for creating content and they do not require a single line of text. Except possibly a good headline. Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for antique items.

1. Animated GIFs

Animated GIFs
content you can create without writing a word text

Animated GIFs have long been a common feature of chats and discussion forums. But on the rest of the internet, they have not been as common – until the blog platform, Tumblr did the world a favor and gave them the place in the spotlight they deserve.

A fun GIF animation – or why not a collection of them – can give both your blog and your landing pages a visual boost. And they do not have to be fun – they can also do a great job of showcasing your product. Like this one from Lovestru.ck .

2. User-generated content

You who do not like to write yourself – let your visitors/customers do it instead. You probably have one or two fans out there who love your company and your products/services and thereforecontent you can create without writing a word text that talks about how good you are on different platforms. Take advantage of it and publish it on your website and in social media.

But do not settle for mere customer satisfaction statements – encourage your fans to be more creative than that. And if it does not happen by itself, you can use “bribes” that speed up their inspiration and creativity. Competitions with nice prizes or discount coupons are usually a good way to achieve this.

3. Image galleries

A picture says more than a thousand words, as they say. So fill your blog posts with pictures instead of text. Find great images that match your business and create inspiring image galleries that reinforce your message. But do not forget to make sure you have the rights to use the images.

4. Quotations

“A quotation is a handy thing to have about, saving one the trouble of thinking for oneself, always a laborious business.”
– AA Milne

No matter what industry you operate in, there are guaranteed to be a bunch of quotes that inspire your visitors. Search for your industry words + quotes (or quote in English) and you will in most cases get long lists of quotes that you can use on your blog. And do not forget to give credit to the person who said the quotes you use.

5. Guest posts

Invite other bloggers to guest blog on your site in exchange for some advertising and a link to or her site. If you have enough readers, you will have no problem finding interested writers. And in order not to risk getting Google’s evil eye and stamp as a link cheater, be sure to only accept guest posts that are of high quality.

6. Embedded tweets or Facebook posts

We’ve already talked about user-generated content above, but because embedding tweets from Twitter or posts from Facebook on your blog is so easy, I have given them my own headline. Today, there is hardly an easier way to get statements from satisfied customers than to turn to our largest social media, so when you see that someone has written praiseworthy about you on Facebook or Twitter, you should of course make sure that these posts are visible also on your website.

Below I have embedded a tweet to give you an example of what it might look like:

7. Infographics

content you can create without writing a word text

Infographic, or infographic as it is called in English, means that you present information or data in a visual way. Today, infographics are among the most shared and appreciated content available on the web, so compile your knowledge and the industry’s most interesting data in a nice infographic and you have good chances of a sharing rocket.

8. Interview (audio)

Creating an interview in audio form is not particularly difficult. All you need is a program that records sound and you have it for free in Audacity (which by the way is one of the 339 free tools I recommend in my free special report ) and an interesting person to talk to. Suggest some kind of expert in your industry, because it should be someone who can share valuable information that helps your target audience.

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9. Song collection

What would life be without music? Music makes us (in most cases) in a better mood and how convenient is it if someone serves good music on a silver platter? So in the same way that you put together collections of pictures and quotes, you can put together lists of your favorite songs for different purposes or situations, such as ” songs that make you feel better when you have a really bad day “.

If you can find songs with a connection to your company, it is of course a big plus, but otherwise, it goes well with songs that you simply think are good. Find a theme, make a list on YouTube clips, or link to a list on Spotify and VIPs you have an excellent blog post that makes your blog visitors’ day better.

Gathering other people’s valuable content is a great way to become the source that people go to when they want quality content – without having to write a single line yourself. Gather a list of good links with content that can be helpful for your visitors, for example, 15-20 pieces, within your industry, compile them, and then present them in a nice way that your visitors can easily absorb.

11. Meme

You who have spent more than a minute on social media in recent years are guaranteed to have one or two memes. And the great thing about the crow song is that this type of content is easy to create because you do not need any graphic knowledge, make people smile and thanks to the element of humor spread like wild oats online.

Sites such as Meme Generator allow you to write a short text on popular meme images and since you write the texts yourself, memes can in other words be used regardless of industry. Just remember that less is more when it comes to memes. They do not have a top position in the quality content meter and overuse of them can devalue the value of the message or your brand.

A successful meme that is spread online can give your business a nice boost.

12. Outsource writing

Just because you do not want to write yourself, your website does not have to be a text-free zone. There are plenty of sharp writers out there that you can pay to write good lyrics for you. By outsourcing, you can instead concentrate on what you are good at.

13. Podcast

By having your own podcast, you can create tons of great content without having to write anything. It is enough that you have the gift of speech and interesting topics to talk about (good guests are of course also a plus). Today, many people would rather absorb information by listening than reading, and it is also not very difficult to create your own podcast. For example, check out Apple’s guide for help getting started.

14. Presentation

content you can create without writing a word text

Sharing presentations from, for example, SlideShare on your blog is another way to fill your website with good content without having to create it yourself. Of course, creating your own presentations helps strengthen your brand, but you do not have to do it if you do not want to. It’s just embedding other people’s work.

15. Series

If you do not feel that you have the talent to write, then maybe illustrations are more your thing? If so, you should definitely consider creating your own series that takes place in your industry. Thanks to the fact that comics are in most cases based on humor, people like to share them further and because they are not so common, you have opportunities for great impact. But make sure you stay within the bounds when it comes to humor levels – you do not want to upset your target audience by crossing the line.

16. Surveys and surveys

Conducting surveys and surveys can give you a wide range of valuable insights about your target audience. What they think, think and like, for example. The knowledge not only gives you content to share but also puts you one step ahead of the competition. You can also learn a lot about your market and your product/service from your surveys. And considering how easy they are today to create, with the help of, for example, SurveyMonkey’s free version , there is nothing to stop you.

17. Video

We have already mentioned interviews in audio form. Why not take it all a step further and do your interviews in video form? Maybe or make a list of the industry’s best clips on YouTube? Or if you want to raise the bar a little higher, you can send live-streamed videos, create your own marketing videos or short videos for Vine or Instagram. 

Only imagination sets the limits. And no matter how you use video, it provides unique opportunities to communicate your message in a core, inspiring and memorable way. Video marketing can create a huge spread for your business, so do not forget to upload your finished products on YouTube or Vimeo.

Good luck with your content!

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