How Content Marketing Can Be Used to Train Employees

One of the most common mistakes that companies make in their content marketing is that they put all the responsibility on their marketing department. And looking at this from the outside, it actually seems completely logical as it is even called content marketing. So if your business is guilty of this nonsense, I can reassure you that you are definitely not alone.

The prevalence of this view is also confirmed in this survey by the British company Econsultancy :

But content marketing should not be something that is dumped on a particular department, such as marketing, PR or web editors. To give the content both breadth and depth, it should instead be spread over a number of different departments, such as design, technology, or sales. Just as about a quarter of the companies in the survey above also do.

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Content Marketing Can Be Used to Train Employees

The reason is that the marketing department may not always know best when it comes to the content you can create. For example, you may often get questions about how something works “under the hood” of your best-selling product. 

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Then your technical department will most likely do a much better job of responding to it in a blog post. Or maybe you get a question about how you thought when you designed your product – and who can describe it better than the design department itself?

If the company places the entire burden on its marketing department, there is a great risk that the content will not be as good as it could have been if you had involved many departments and employees in your content marketing. Therefore, you should strive to get everyone on the train by:

  • Encourage other departments. Tell many people at the company how your content marketing can bring great benefits, not only to the company, but also to them personally. For example, it can strengthen their personal brand. A good first target group for this is the employees who already communicate with your customers because they will probably be more open to communicating even in blog form (or what content you now choose to create).
  • Create an editorial calendar for the content. This can function both as a bank of ideas, a source of inspiration and to ensure that everyone in the staff uses the same tone when creating their content.
  • Facilitate communication between you. Create an email list, a Skype group, a chat group or something else that allows you to easily communicate and communicate with each other when, for example, you get an idea or have completed a content that is now ready to be published.

That you are helped makes the work of creating content both more fun and better – and it is guaranteed to be appreciated by your target group. So when it comes to content marketing, the old adage less is more can draw on the forest!

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