All You Need To Know About Beas Kund Trek


Beas Kund Trek is one of the most famous treks from Manali, the Beas Kund trek has its own devotion along with joyful importance. The blessedness of the peaks, peace of the grasslands, untouched atmosphere, the nice smell of water floating against the stones, all these are specific  beauties of the Beas Kund Trek.

As the name itself proposes, the journey is to the Beas Kund, the journey to the fountain of the river Beas. This trek itself declares that it is a more attractive place of journey when compared with the any other journey, the reason behind is the people will have a chance to observe that snow capped ice mountains tempered and turns into a small rivers and that small river then forms as extremely large one is that of Beas Kund.

Not only that simple vision of the Ice Mountains and lake make this trek as beautiful as, and also the well formed route of the journey which goes through the most beautiful vision of the peaks and the valleys.

This trek is completed within 3 days of time and named for the perfect weekend trip. The people who are planning for the long journey are the right choice and suitable for the people who are trekking for the first time. Complexity level of this trek is moderate with well formed pathways throughout the journey, base camp is located at the Manali. The trek is situated at a distance of 12,500 feets and distance is around 47 kms.

Best time to visit

 The best time to travel this place is at the time of winters in the month of mid May to mid of October as in between these months the climate of this area is not extreme which is suitable for traveling, and perfectly adequate to see the best vision of the astonishing presentation of nature. In the months of July the climate varies between 13 degree Celsius to -7 degree Celsius at the time of winter.

Availability of food and accommodation at Beas Kund trek

The best suggestion is to take one’s own water bottle while traveling because there is less probability of finding the water supply on the pathway and also travelers try to refill the water bottle wherever they get the freshwater supply on the trail.

The availability of food is maximum, finding vegetarian and even eggs might be available at times but with less possibility, that too only with some campsites throughout the journey, it is advisable to carry the food because most will not find any food consumption places on the route.

Coming to the part of staying travelers can see different kinds of shared campsites for the traveling people all over the way.

Highlights of the trek

The adventure of the journey is a peaceful large distanced snow capped snowy lake. This trek travels in an atmosphere that edges with the snow covered peaks and charming grasslands. Travelers will enjoy the amazing views of Deo Tibba, Indrasan Peak and Hanuman Tibba.

Travelers can observe the beautiful scene of stars covered sky which will be lost in daily hurry bury lifestyles of the city. The people get a chance to gather with the residents and try to know the customs and formalities of their lifestyle in the region of the mountains. Taking photos of the picturesque views of the trek in order to remember for the lifetime.

Short Instructions of the journey

Day 1 : After reaching Manali, travel by road on driving to the base camp of Soland which is around 12 kms from  Manali. It is the beginning point of the trek. From Solang, walk through the edges of the river beas for 8 kms to reach Dundi, from Dhundi travel further will see a small bridge which is a link between Dhundi and Bakerthach after crossing the bridge arrives at Bakerthach.

Day 2 :  The second day’s journey from Bakerthach is difficult but it is filled with natural beauty. As they begin moving up from Bakerthach the travelers come across a small pond which is a small amount from Dhundi. The small pond is the Beas Kund and treated as the root cause of river beas. The tempered snow capped Ice Mountains all over the way to the kund is the reason for the beginning of the small lake.

Day 3 : Back to the starting stage of the journey and slowly moving towards Dhundi from Bakerthach along the same way.


Beas Kund trek is one of the perfect trek for the beginners as it with small routes which gives the beautiful vision of the Pir Panjal area, rich green grass lands of Dhundi and Bakarthach, a area of amazing Himalayan flora, snowy river and a beautiful lake.

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