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This touring circus production started off in Montreal around three decades ago and has been gaining popularity since the last decade. There used to be just a handful of street performers in its initial launching period, and now they organize dozens of consecutive shows in any given month all over the country. If you want to watch Cirque Du Soleil live in Vegas, then find the best latest options on the website of CHEAPO Ticketing to make an informed decision.

The ethical practices of Cirque du Soleil have always been praised by its fans and media. Since their inception they have never brought animals in their circus because they consider it an unethical act to train animals for the visual entertainment of people. The way most people train these wild beasts is very cruel, and can affect the emotional and physical well-being of that animal. Rather than outsourcing their brands uniforms and costumes, they have their own production houses where all the garments are sewn. So they are also self-sufficient in that way as well.