The ATV or quad bike is designed to prance through all of those environments where other vehicles wouldn’t dare to go. We’re talking about environments such as swamps, rocky desert areas, bushy jungles, and even mountains. These areas are just the start of what an ATV can do. After all, it is designed for those of us who love outdoor sports. These days there are a whole lot of ATV options available out there.

For starters, we now have high power ATV that run on electricity instead of diesel as they used to in the past. This is great news for those of us who really want to be able to enjoy an ATV ride in the wild but don’t want to be obnoxious and fill the nice serene air with noise and smoke. With so many different options, it’s challenging to buy the right kind of ATV these days. Some models are sportier than others and the prices vary greatly as well.

Because of this, it makes sense to first sit down and ask yourself why you want to buy an ATV. The following are some tiers of ATVs that you can learn more about from Whatis180. See which one suits your usage the most before you buy it.

Youth Electric ATV

These are the cheapest ATVs out there and their intended purpose is for recreational and simple riding. They probably won’t do too well off road.

Utility Electric ATV

These ATV are some of the more ‘legit’ ones. They’re designed for heavy duty work such as pulling carts, transporting workers and the like. Law enforcement and fishermen both use these.

Sports ATVs

These are the highest tier ATVs out there. These are for extreme fun and sports. They’re lightweight, precise and very powerful. If you’re looking to participate in competitive races, this should be your pick.