If you have ever visited a Walmart before, then you know that it is a store that has every possible thing in it. You can buy fresh groceries, frozen groceries, daily items for living, electronics, actual clothes, books, and stationery as well. So, when Walmart announced an organic food line, and this naturally made a lot of health-conscious people feel elated for good reason. However, it does not end here, in fact, Walmart has now, after collaborating with Ria money transfer, a financial services firm, introduced its own in-store cash transfer system, also known as the Walmart 2 Walmart cash transfer service.

This can be explained as a sort of Walmart money network which allows you to be able to make a number of transaction in Walmart stores. So, you can make purchases with the money that is present in the card, and you can also transfer and receive money as well.  Basically, with the Walmart cash transfer service, you can send any amount of money to any other Walmart location in the country, and then whoever has to receive the transferred money can go to said Walmart and pick the money from there, and all of this will be done at a much lower price by using Walmart’s transfer services instead of when you use an official money transfer service and this way you get to save a lot of extra money over time.

You can also use this money network card to receive money as well. So, as long as you have the card and the necessary information about the person who is supposed to be sending the money, you can go to the predetermined Walmart location, give them all of the relevant details they need, and then hand you to the money.