As a runner, you want to make sure that your body is in proper running form, and this includes every part of your body from your shoulders, to your hips and till your feet. Wrong running posture will not only ruin your running performance but will also lead to potential injuries and problems. Now, some people that have naturally high arches in their feet tend to supinate when they run. This means that they roll their foot outwards as they run, and this can lead to a number of problems like ligament rupture and strained ankles to name a few.

If you happen to have naturally high arches in your feet, then you need to make sure that your running shoes are compatible with the condition of your foot. In fact, you can find out about different running shoes that are created specifically for high arches by visiting for more information on the subject.

Essentially, running shoes for high arches should be cushioned because your arches will need the extra padding in order to make up for their own lack of shock absorption, so the more cushioning, the better for your arches. The second thing you want to look into is the shape of your shoe. Now, people with high arches will naturally have a thinner gait, so basically, the area of their foot that connects the ball and heel of their foot will be a lot skinnier and curved. So, you want the shape of your running shoe to that has a curved last. This shape allows your feet to naturally pronate a little instead of supinating as you usually would, making it possible for you to run more naturally and normally. This way you are able to enjoy running without suffering from any pain afterwards.