WhatsApp is a simple and easy to use messaging application that is used all around the globe. The application also provides an option for free video and voice calls. If you are new to WhatsApp here and want to know more about it then look no further. Here are some pros and cons of WhatsApp:


  • It is available in Android, iPhone and Windows phone.
  • You can send unlimited messages to any place in the world.
  • You can always check the status of your messages easily using grey and blue ticks. A single grey tick means that your message has been sent, double grey ticks means your message has been delivered and blue ticks mean that your message has been read.
  • It is easy to send audio and video messages.
  • Documents like PDFs, spreadsheet, slideshows, word files, etc can be sent easily.
  • You can easily send your locations and use it right away through Google map.
  • It provides a feature for group chats.
  • In case you have two numbers, you can always use a MOD like GBWhatsApp which allows you to carry two WhatsApp numbers on the same phone.
  • If you accidentally send someone a wrong message you have an option to delete it right away.
  • The best thing about WhatsApp is that there aren’t any annoying ads ever.


  • In group chats, there is a size limit of about 256 people and all 256 members can be the group admins.
  • If you do not have backup your chats won’t be restored once you change your phone.
  • Unwanted messages such as pictures and videos may fill up space in your phone.
  • WhatsApp does not work offline, it requires data to work.
  • Your profile picture is visible to anyone who is in your contacts.