How Awesome of a Season is Stephen Curry Having?

Stephen Curry and his Golden States Warriors are having a phenomenal season. At the moment, with 20 games remaining in the season, they’re on pace to have the greatest season in NBA history. That is they’re on pace to break the Michael Jordan’s 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls team, for the greatest regular-season record in the history of the NBA.

At the heart of this success is the sensational, Curry, who’s leading the NBA league with an average 30.7 points per game moving up from last season’s 23.8 points per game. Consequently, the fantastic player has gone on to break his record of most made 3-pointers in a season with 293 at a 51% shooting accuracy. Utterly insane!! This otherworldly performance in Curry’s game has led the Golden State Warriors team to a 54-5 record this season.

Stephen curry is one of the most praticed players in the game. He is a phenomenal shooter and player. Learning how to shoot and learning how to jump higher were essential to his success. He isn’t the tallest and if anything looks average on paper. He has proven that good things come in smaller-ish packages.

Stephen Curry

The last five games of the season have Curry pull out some incredible numbers. 33-42-51-46-33 points respectively. That’s an average of 41.6 points per game. This span has also seen him spin seven 3-pointers made per game. To put it into proper historical perspective, only seven players in the history of the NBA have averaged three 3-pointers a game for a whole season. Against Thunder, Curry went on to tie Donyell Marshall and Kobe Bryant for the most three-pointers in a single NBA game: 12 three-pointers. And he’ll probably break the record before the end of the season. He’s made the most 30-footers a season and is tied with Zach Randolph for 40-footers at three a season.

The basketball game NBA 2K16 has jumped onto the Curry hype-wagon to accolade his sort-of-ridiculous season. At the start of the season, Steph trailed Lebron’s 94 rating with a 93 rating. Shortly into the season, Curry’s score rose past Lebron’s, and he’s currently at a 98 rating just behind one player: Michael Jordan, 95-96 season. His 3-pointer rating is at a staggering, but not-so-surprising, 99. Since there are still some games left in the season Steph Curry might just end it as the greatest of all time in the video-game category.

At the moment, Steph Curry is the front runner for a second-successive MVP, and he just might get a unanimous vote. Last season Steph lost the players’ MVP award to James Harden. However, this season he might have done just enough to convince his fellow players that he’s that good.

The numbers Curry is drawing are mind-blowing. As far as pure shooting goes he’s the undisputed best. His season can only get so much better. Curry is taking on history. And, at the moment, there’s only one thing we can do. Watch him. Enjoy him. Go with the flow.

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Statement From The Board of Directors

It was brought to the attention of the Board that references within the strategic document recently circulated were construed as a criticism of individuals or groups. The Board are unanimous and have no hesitation in stating that no such criticism is intended, expressed or implied in any way whatsoever.

The Board are happy to meet with any individual or group within the Glentoran body and clarify any matter that they may wish to raise.

Indeed in the past week the Board have met with the 1923 Committee to discuss the impact of the documents proposals with regard to their production of the Gazette.

The Board are happy to place on record their appreciation of the sterling work of the 1923 Committee in this regard.

In addition the Board would reiterate their appreciation to these individuals and groups that give of their time and energy to promote the best interests of Glentoran.

It is the intention of the Board to meet soon with the various representative groups at Glentoran for the purpose of advancing initiatives relative to the document circulated.

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Statement From The Board of Directors

Glentoran Recreation Company Co Limited wish to clarify that Kerr Consulting was employed in March 2005 to undertake a business review of the entire operations at that time.

The business review was completed and presented to the Board of Glentoran Recreation Co Limited in July 2005 by Kerr Consulting of which present Glentoran Director Ian Kerr is principle. The review was performed at no cost to Glentoran Recreation Co Limited.

The “Strategic Summary Paper” recently circulated has been undertaken by Ian Kerr and the work associated was neither expensed nor remunerated.

The above is issued for the purposes of clarity and to counter the speculation on various website forums.

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Statement From The Chairman & Board of Directors

The Chairman and Board of Directors utterly condemn without reservation the actions of a number of misguided individuals, masquerading as Glentoran Supporters, at Tuesdays night’s Co Antrim Shield semi-final against Cliftonville Football Club at Windsor Park.

The actions of these people resulted in a baseball being thrown onto the pitch which could have caused serious injury, and the malicious damage of 29 seats in the South Stand, which will undoubtedly result in a further financial penalty on the club.

The Board want to make it clear that the Club have been investigating all aspects of the matter and have now been provided with information indicating the individuals involved.

While our own internal investigations continue we have been in contact with the Police Service and have passed on all information at our disposal to them with a view to the formal identity and apprehension of the individuals concerned.

We wish to clearly indicate that irrespective of whatever action the PSNI may deem necessary, that further action will be taken by the club to apply sanctions on all those identified as having participated in these activities. We are determined that such criminal behaviour will not be tolerated wherever and however it may manifest itself, and remain fully committed to the principles of sporting behaviour enshrined in UEFA’s 10 point-plan and Football for All.

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A Message of Thanks From The Board

The Glentoran Board of Directors would like to extend it’s sincere thanks to the Glentoran Foundation for the support it has given to the club since it’s inception in 2004.

The Glentoran Foundation is an organisation created by fans in order to raise funds for Glentoran FC.  While it is independent from the club, it’s main objective is to donate funds to help cover the club’s utility bills.

Many fans are already involved and it has proven to be extremely successful.  Since June 2007, the Foundation has raised £14,567 for Glentoran to pay utility bills, which in turn allow finances to be invested in playing staff and other playing expenditures.

Since the foundation began in June 2004 it has raised a total of £57,468 for Glentoran FC, which ultimately secures the financial stability of the club for years to come.

Te foundation was created by fans, and is still run by Glentoran fans on a voluntary basis.  No member of the Foundation receives any of the funds raised, every penny is donated directly to Glentoran FC.  The main source of funds is a regular monthly direct debit of £10 from each Foundation member, while the foundation also organizes special events such as pre-game meals and entertainment.

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