Have you just been struck with the realization that after you hand your business card to someone with the intent of doing business with them, you never seem to be reached back? If this is happening after you’ve had a nice, meaningful conversation with the person about doing business with them then it’s quite obvious that the problem is in the cards you’ve had printed.

Cards printed on heavier paper are a lot more expensive and they’re also harder to handle because of their thickness. Instead of getting a heavier card to make it seem more important, you could go for a material that very few people use to give your card a unique character that’s hard to pass. By getting metal cards made, you’ll be increasing your card’s chances of lasting long enough to actually be used as intended. Here’s how metal cards can help you out in your business.

They’re Water Proof

You might not know it to think about it but one of the main reasons that a lot of cards are lost is simply because of pocket sweat or laundry. A person might pocket your card and then forget about it till it ends up getting washed in their laundry. This is a problem that’s unheard of when it comes to metal cards, however.

They’re Cool Enough to Keep

Let’s say that you hand out your card to someone who didn’t really ask for it. What’s going to happen is that when you leave, they will throw it away. However, if you hand them a cool and sleek metal card, they might just hold on to it because no one would want to throw something that premium in the trash. They might even call you back to ask how you got it made and you can take things from there.