The Glentoran Board of Directors would like to extend it’s sincere thanks to the Glentoran Foundation for the support it has given to the club since it’s inception in 2004.

The Glentoran Foundation is an organisation created by fans in order to raise funds for Glentoran FC.  While it is independent from the club, it’s main objective is to donate funds to help cover the club’s utility bills.

Many fans are already involved and it has proven to be extremely successful.  Since June 2007, the Foundation has raised £14,567 for Glentoran to pay utility bills, which in turn allow finances to be invested in playing staff and other playing expenditures.

Since the foundation began in June 2004 it has raised a total of £57,468 for Glentoran FC, which ultimately secures the financial stability of the club for years to come.

Te foundation was created by fans, and is still run by Glentoran fans on a voluntary basis.  No member of the Foundation receives any of the funds raised, every penny is donated directly to Glentoran FC.  The main source of funds is a regular monthly direct debit of £10 from each Foundation member, while the foundation also organizes special events such as pre-game meals and entertainment.